Merger of FileMaker Developers

From recent release:

La Source multimédia and SHpartners merge to become Lesterius

Today two major European FileMaker developers are joining forces. The French La Source multimédia and the Belgian SHpartners have now become Lesterius. With offices in Rouen and Paris (France), Ghent (Belgium) and Almere (the Netherlands), we now total 18 FileMaker 13 Certified Developers.
We want to create a European network of FileMaker developers through an active local presence, offering a uniform approach to sharing knowledge and experience with our clients and involving them in the development process. Our developers, each of them specialised in a variety of technologies, are at the heart of our organisation and can count on each other for support in any project. Our network, our knowledge and our experience are our strengths, but our approach is what really makes the difference.